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Serendipitous Project

"Serendipitous Project' Sweatshirt

"Serendipitous Project' Sweatshirt

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This sweatshirt features an illustration of an (Diablo Danzantes del Yare).

On the Roman Catholic Feast Day of Corpus Christi dancers wearing devil costumes perform in the streets to recreate an African-Venezuelan tradition began in Venezuela by slaves. They wear head-to-toe red garments, grotesque masks and accessories like crosses, amulets and rosaries. Although the ritual was at first reprimanded by church officials the “dancing devils” now stop at the front of the church, listen to mass and then vow in submission to God. The dancers often dance for specific reasons such as health or family heritage and belong to small dancing clans. This annual festival draws thousands of visitors to small towns in Venezuela.


This sweatshirt honors founder Sydney Ziems' heritage and playful nature of Serendipitous Project. 

Sweatshirt runs true to size

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