What does sustainable mean?

sustainable business, or a green business, is an enterprise that has minimal negative impact, or potentially a positive effect, on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy
(source Wikipedia)

How is Serendipitous Project sustainable?

  • All items are made with love by our founder Sydney Ziems in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC. 
  • Our pieces outside of Vintage are all made-to-order to reduce waste.
  • ~70 % of our items are made with materials bought from sustainable wholesalers in the United States that work with artisans in places like the United States Peru, Italy, and Japan. We also work with vintage warehouses to procure different metals. Lastly, we source select natural materials from small businesses across the U.S. 
  • All online orders are shipped in biodegradable and/or recycled packaging. 
  • We carry an exclusive vintage collection in our effort to create more circular shopping
  • We also create new and one-of-a-kind items from items that are out-dated, compromised, or need a new life 
We are aware that it is hard for fashion to be 100% eco-friendly but, we are taking the steps we can to create better and conscious spaces to shop. Furthermore, we are not exploiting BIPOC workers across the world.

Why is fast fashion bad?

Fast Fashion refers to retailers’ practice of producing cheap clothes as quickly and as frequently as possible. Since the prices on these items are so low, they encourage consumers to buy en masse without thinking too much about their purchases. The result is that retailers are majorly overproducing. Consumers are buying clothes they don’t really want and definitely don’t need just because they’re inexpensive. And all this is causing major clothing waste.
(source Mamoq)

Why is fast fashion so cheap?

The pressure for companies to produce cheaply means that they often don’t pay their factory workers fair or minimum wages. Garment workers are often forced to work extreme overtime hours and lack access to trade unions. Further, the majority of these workers are women and girls. who are vulnerable to verbal, physical and sexual exploitation from their superiors. This is especially true in Asia where most manufacturers take their business because of the looser labour restrictions.
(source Mamoq)

What if sustainable shopping is outside of my budget?

The thing about fast fashion clothes is they are not meant to last. Try to come into the mindset of making more intentful purchases and thinking of your new item as an investment and something that will last for a very long time. You will end up saving more in the long run. Furthermore, a lot of retailers now offer third-party platforms to break up your purchase into smaller and more affordable payments! We carry Afterpay!