THIS IS BLACK MUSIC with Guest Collaborator Ashtyn Castellon.

Music has always been an important healer in my life. Ever since quarantine started we have been curating multiple playlists to help everyone cope with respect to everything that is happening we thought it would be appropriate to create a playlist for this moment. My friend Ashtyn Castellon has graced me with a collection of songs to share with everyone today. Music can present itself as a unique opportunity to educate yourself about the black experience. Look up the lyrics and take some time to reflect and enjoy. Here is her statement below:
"Black music is storytelling that is rich in culture and soul. If you listen closely enough you will also find the beauty and pain of the black experience. I collaborated with my black friends to create a playlist of black music that is relevant, relatable, inspiring, and controversial.
Listen to it. Question what you hear. Research their meanings. Share these songs and gain a perspective different from your own."
Please enjoy and stay safe. Signing off xx
Sydney Ziems
Founder of Serendipitous Project

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