Serendipitous Project Playlist with Musician Real Clothes


At Serendipitous Project we want to keep promoting and providing visibility to POC. After a bit of a hiatus I am pleased to share this playlist curated by experimental artist Real Clothes. It's so important that we remind ourselves to recognize black faces and in historically white spaces. The experimental genre has been dominated by white cis men, although there are a plethora of WOC artist that have just as interesting stories to tell. Real Clothes shares her experience and struggles below and provides us a window to an amazing new world of music. I encourage you to read, listen, and enjoy! Make sure to also listen to Real Clothes latest album here!
"Creating experimental or idiosyncratic music as a Black woman (or by extension, woman of color) can be difficult as it is a space gatekept by white, cis musicians. I believe this is a systemic and deliberate offense of the music industry as a whole, as there is a focus on palatable marketability and profits rather than creative expression. There is a rich depth of inspiration that is lost when we cannot fully express ourselves within the medium and the modern era is a boon as technology allows those would not typically be platformed to find an audience. It is shameful that it takes a calculated search to find avant-garde or genre-bending artists who are Black (much more if women), as those who cannot be labeled as an "Urban" category by industry standards simply fall through the cracks and lead the perception that Blackness is a monolith.
 Wizard Apprentice, Klein, Yatta, and others on this playlist represent the wide range of talent and aptitude of Black women within the experimental scene that needs to be seen and heard and is woefully represented in "popular" blogs and media. Precaution, per blog reviews, evidently falls into the aforementioned cracks and is a response to the general inequality in all things modern."
-Real Clothes
Please have a listen to this playlist she has curated of BIPOC Women in the experimental field, and enjoy because your world just got a little bigger ✨




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