S: What do you want the fashion industry do to normalize all bodies?

A: I want to see truly plus size women do editorial work. It's great that there is more representation in the commercial world. However, we still are not seeing fat bodies be haute couture on a big scale, especially in publications. The efforts I have seen it's evident the stylist does not know how to dress fat bodies. You can not throw a poncho on us and call it fashion. We want to feel sexy, we like our curves and we want you to like them too, not hide them.

S: What piece of clothing makes you feel your best?

A. anything that shows my boobs (laughs)

S: If you had to leave the house with only one accessory what would it be and why?

A: My Louis Vuitton cross body bag, I feel like I can leave the house anyway and if I have this on people at least know I’ve got style and taste

S: What projects are you currently working on?

A: A coffee table book eventually, but most currently a clothing line that showcases real natural bodies in an artistic way. I think its important to highlight beauty in every person…there is beauty in curves, bumps, etc.

S: Do you think larger bodies are not reflected in an artistic way?

A: Definitely the most I will see is a pin with big bodies rock.

S: What advice would you give someone currently learning to love their body?

A: I'll give advice from my own perspective. Get your parents old habits out of your head because that can stick with you. Even to this day my mom will ask me” do you need to lose some weight?’ You have to be your own person, and be happy with who you are and not what society/family says

S: When did you first get into modeling and how has your experience been?

A: I first got into modeling during quarantine. I have multiple friends as photographers and they kept suggesting I give it a try. I have a friend who says if the universe keeps saying the same thing give it a go. I have to say the experience so far has been amazing. The only thing that rubs me the wrong way is when you show up to set and the stylist does not know how to deal with textured hair. I have to sometimes show up with my own hair, or already have my hair pressed, or do the styling myself, worst they do it, and it looks like crap. I wish brands would take into consideration the unpaid labor that can go into having to do your hair yourself.

S: What is one thing you wish brands would consider when working with plus size women?

A: Every woman wants to feel sexy, make clothes that can fit us all. Please accentuate our curves instead of hiding it. Show off our waist! Another thing that people might not think about it is, we tend to run hotter. So get some A/C during shoots (laughs) I know sets tend to be hot, but especially for bigger girls we get HOT. I wish there would be preps for plus-size girls. Items that would help with perspiration (i.e. deodorant) sweating everywhere can make you even more self-conscious. 



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