Sneak Peek: Pre-Spring 22

Our pre-spring '22 collection is an ode to black solidarity. Pan-Africanism is a belief that "African people, both on the continent and in the diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a common destiny. Pan-Africanism posits a sense of a shared historical fate for Africans in America, West Indies, and on the continent, itself centered on the Atlantic trade in slaves, African slavery, and European imperialism. The goal of pan-Africanism is for all people of African descent to work as a collective to combat the institutional and cultural roadblocks and invest in our own people and empower on a global level. In this collection, we celebrate pan-Africanism and its mission to encourage collective self-reliance by using the colors of the Pan-African flag throughout our collection, as well as naming various pieces after the values the movement embraces such as faith and unity. 

The Black Swan Necklace and Colors of Change 

This chunky 24k gold-filled oval paper clip link chain is layered with decorative micropavé carabiner clips and adorned with a black agate slice pendant for a moody and stunning addition to any outfit! 24k gold-filled sailor clasp closure.

10% of each sale from our Black Swan Necklace will be donated to Colors of Change, the largest online racial justice organization that works "to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people in America." Serendipitous Project is proud to support this initiative that challenges the system which fuels racism and injustice in our culture, in a bid to move the world in a progressive direction. 

Audley Necklace 

A beautiful necklace for a beautiful woman. Audley Moore (or Mother Moore as she was affectionately known) was a  prolific woman in the pan-African movement. After viewing a speech by Marcus Garvey, Moore moved to Harlem, New York, and later became a leader and life member of the UNIA, founded in 1914 by Marcus Garvey. She participated in Garvey's first international convention in New York City and was a stock owner in the Black Star Line. Along with becoming a leading figure in the Civil Rights Movement, Moore worked for a variety of causes for over 60 years. 

This necklace features stunning Swarovski crystals in alternating colors of the Pan-African flag. Our Audley necklace is 24k gold plated and features an extender chain so you can wear it at the length you desire. 

Citrus Earrings

The color green has come to represent the beauty and abundance of the Pan-African people and their roots. A symbol of wealth, but most importantly a reminder of the importance of unity and faith between its people, and the sovereignty that has often been denied from them.

Our new Citrus Earrings are the epitome of elegance, made with a royal green druzy agate post and a lemon bright agate slice pendant set in 14K gold plated components. This vibrant gemstone, best known for its unique pattern and bold colors, is perfect for an effortless but stunning addition to your next look.

Our Pre-Spring Collection will be released January 21st.

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