Serendipitous Project Playlist: Girl Power!


We are officially two months into quarantine! I find it hard to believe because it feels like it's been forever! I decided to make a playlist of empowering songs that always have me ready to dance! While I was compiling this list it became obvious to me that most unapologetic female anthems come from the ladies of rap. It just makes me further appreciative of the women of color that speak their mind and encourage other women to do so as well. Female emcees like Lil' Kim are truly the pioneers of cross-sectional feminism🙌. Not to say there aren't plenty of contributions from pop like my favorite group of all time " The Spice Girls" they taught me about "Girl Power" before I fully understood what it meant.  I am so grateful for all these women and I hope you celebrate them and their message with me by enjoying this playlist I put together for you guys :)


Stay safe,

xx Sydney Ziems

Founder of Serendipitous Project

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