Jules' Hair Maintenance Recommendations!

Hello Everyone! If you tuned in to our livestream today our lovely guest Jules Ohlmeyer gave us so many good tips and recommendations. We wanted to make sure you guys could easily find it so you could try it for yourself! Below we have created a shopper's guide for the products she listed today. If you aren't looking to make any big purchases at the moment you can always find all natural alternatives in the kitchen!!!  Feel free to reach out to us at Serendipitous Project or Jules Ohlmeyer (ig@sassyjules) directly if you are looking for some DIY solutions. 
(1. Bumble and Bumble Color Stick $26 2.L'Oreal Root Spray $10 3. Color Wow Root Cover Up $35 4. Davines Alchemic Color Conditioner $31 5. Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask $53. 6. Malibu Hard Water Packets $90 7. Davines Energizing Shampoo $32 8. Galen's Way Absolute Hair Oil $16 9. Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Oil $9 10. Sun Potion He Shou Wu Powder $57 11. Nature Made Fish Oil $10 12. Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Mask Treatment $69 13.La Tierra Sagrada Treatment $44.)
If you wanted to get your hands on that delicious smoothie recipe she shared during the livestream.We got you covered! This smoothie not only has a lovely mix of healthy fats and protein for you hair but it's packed with vitamins and antioxidants. This is an easy low key smoothie recipe that is also delicious. We are giving it a 5/5 rating!!
To all our lovely sweethearts out there we hope you are managing okay!  We are here for you If you have any comments or questions feel free to sound off below!



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